God is calling
Dios está llamando
Perëndia është thirrje
وتدعو الله
Աստված կանչում
Bog zove
Bůh volá
Ang Diyos ay tumatawag sa
Dieu appelle
Gott ruft
Ο Θεός είναι καλώντας
אלוהים הוא קורא
भगवान बुला रही है
Isten hívja
Guð er að kalla
Tuhan memanggil
Dio sta chiamando
하나님은 전화입니다
Dievas kviečia
Bóg wzywa
Deus está chamando
Dumnezeu este de asteptare
Бог призывает
Бог зове
Mungu ni wito
Gud kallar
Tanrı çağıran
Бог закликає
Thiên Chúa là gọi điện thoại
גאָט איז פאַך


The Salvation Is... Concept

At 4:30 AM on November 18, 2009 a small business owner was awakened by the presence of angels.

His first thought was to read the bible. While doing so he heard the audible voice of God.

God revealed to Jeffrey Hugo dozens of salvation statements. The first one was "Salvation is God's love perfected in the hands of men."

After two days God released Jeffrey saying, "This is a bestselling book that will save millions of souls. That is exactly what your are to say to the publisher."

In a vision, he saw the color of the book, the size, the price, and millions of copies passed around the world.

Then he saw millions of souls saved into the kingdom of heaven as a result. After the vision, Jeffrey Hugo presented the book and the concept to a publisher and illustrator. All agreed that this project would change the world.

Now you can read for yourself the book that God dictated to Jeffrey Hugo and help change the kingdom of heaven forever.

Each book visually presents the salvation of God with hand-drawn illustrations and statements, ultimately leading readers to the salvation of Jesus Christ through a prayer in faith.

This extraordinary concept is further enhanced by a call to share the book with others.

The author describes the book like this, "Each book is like a missionary designed to save many souls." By simply passing the book to others you can help save millions of souls into the kingdom of heaven.

Order now and help change the kingdom of heaven forever.